8+ years experience in all things visual.

Video, Photo, and Social, I am a multi-tasker.
With 8+ years experience film, corporate, and advertising, I can easily maneuver across projects and budgets.


Video Editing

I'm motivated by story. Whether this is a quick 30 seconds or a full length short film, story matters. It's the oldest art in human history. Video editing takes care and expertise to make it look flawless. I work in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.



Take that story and tell it in a fraction of a second. That's photography. A medium that is constantly evolving depending on the platform. From social worthy photos to event photography, I'm a storyteller. 


Social Media Management

Story needs details. The tiniest of things hold the upmost importance. Social media is tedious and strenuous, but for me it's a blast. Whether it's scheduling content, or providing strategy, I want to make sure everyone hears your story.


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