APS had a unique challenge extending their Arizona On campaign. We had about a month to produce, shoot, and edit. And this was August where temperatures in Arizona were hot.

We shot with a mix of paid talent and real talent all across Arizona for 4 days. As a producer, it meant staying flexible and problem solving all while staying on budget. Created with the team at LAVIDGE and True Story Films.


Phoenix Raceway is now ISM Raceway. While the racetrack was under construction, we still needed to produce a spot for the Spring race. We used NASCAR footage and motiongraphics. This was a fun spot to produce because it was primarily a post production project. This meant keeping editing on budget knowing there would be heavy motiongraphics involved. We sourced voice over talent and sound design was done by BigU Music. Created with the team at LAVIDGE.


This spot was one in a series. We produced interesting video mailers for Delta Dental and created custom testimonials to play inside them. We were tasked with producing one more video but needed to keep costs low since we had already produced 5 other videos. By producing this as a motiongraphics piece and doing simiplified icons, we acheived this. Created with the team at LAVIDGE.